Industry Training LLC (IT) believes that an educated, more knowledgeable workforce is essential to your company's bottom line and reputation. History shows that training your workforce directly affects the reduction of accidents and customer complaints while increasing profits and sales. Our focus is on the foundation of your company, being the operators, drivers, maintenance staff, sales force and office staff.Whether it's the waste, scrap, concrete, or hauling industry, we are your affordable, 24 hour source for industry related training courses, online. Custom creation of any of our courses can be branded to your company's requirements. Our training is consistent and focused on all aspects of these industries (including equipment operating procedures). IT provides documentation for regulated training reporting (e.g. OSHA).
It is our commitment to provide the most comprehensive, consistent, and up to date training in the industry. Not only to improve the safety awareness of each employee, but to increase the performance in their daily responsibilities. By providing quality training, it is our goal to improve a company's margins by giving their employees the tools to be successful and safe.
Industry Training Online is not your generic training… We Speak Your Language!
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